A vital webinar for eCommerce and retail leaders to ensure they're considering their competitors pricing actions correctly, and making the right counter move.

Getting your pricing decisions wrong, will cost you thousands, if not millions of pounds, in lost margin or sales.

Watch this webinar, to learn about strategies that can help you understand and surpass your competition.

Key topics that will be covered:

  • Where the greatest opportunity lies for you to win in a competitive environment.
  • How to use the timing of your pricing decisions to get ahead.
  • Why it's so important, especially in a volatile market, to consider additional data points when making a pricing decision.



Dr Rob Horton - eCommerce Data Scientist at BlackCurve.

Philip Huthwaite - Founder & CEO at BlackCurve.


About BlackCurve

BlackCurve provides pricing decision and product intelligence software, that is proven to boost eCommerce customer profitability by more than 9%.