Are you suffering from pricing headaches? Are you unsure about your current pricing strategy?

In this on-demand webinar presented by Paul Rowley, Sales Director at BlackCurve, you will find answers to business critical pricing questions.

In this webinar you will:

  • Understand how cutting-edge data science can answer fundamental pricing questions for your business.
  • Examine the pricing recommendation report that has been perfected by experts in the fields of pricing, quantitative financial analysis, science and maths.
  • Find out how you can overcome common pricing challenges.
  • Learn how to make your entire product range competitive, drive profit and business growth.

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Paul Rowley - Sales Director

Paul Rowley

Sales Director at BlackCurve

Paul has been key driver of sales at several software businesses. Prior to BlackCurve, he delivered results at leading companies such as Bynder, North Plain Systems, VYRE and Silicon Systems Ltd.