7 Ways Retailers Can Maximise Profits

In this webinar, Rob Horton, Data Scientist at BlackCurve and Paul Rowley, Sales Director at BlackCurve share how winning retailers are focusing on pricing and leveraging pricing optimisation technology to meet and exceed business goals.

In the 30 minute webinar and Q&A session, you will uncover how to:

  • Make pricing work for your company.
  • Move beyond tracking your competitors' prices.
  • Use pricing to maximise profits.
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We look forward to hosting you.

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Paul Rowley - BW

Paul Rowley

Sales Director at BlackCurve

Paul has been key driver of sales at several software businesses. Prior to BlackCurve, he delivered results at leading companies such as Bynder, North Plain Systems, VYRE and Silicon Systems Ltd.


Rob Horton Grey

Dr. Rob Horton

Lead Data Scientist at BlackCurve

Dr. Rob Horton uses computational techniques to analyse client data allowing him to suggest pricing strategies and highlight pricing inefficiencies at BlackCurve.