Webinar - What Makes a Great Pricing Manager?

Ever wondered what seperates an average pricing manager from a great pricing manager?

In this insightful webinar presented by Philip Huthwaite, Co-Founder and CEO at BlackCurve, you will uncover the common characteristics of great Pricing Managers and how they can positively impact your company.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How a great Pricing Manager can benefit your company
  • A framework for continual price optimisation
  • Key duties of a Pricing Manager
  • 7 specific traits that define a great Pricing Manager

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Philip Huthwaite _ BlackCurve CEO

Philip Huthwaite

Co-Founder and CEO at BlackCurve

Philip has been helping businesses grow their profits by using pricing since 2012. Prior to BlackCurve he worked with some of the largest companies in the country such as The Royal Bank of Scotland, ITV, Royal Mail and EDF Energy as a pricing consultant.