The dynamics of eCommerce have changed. Demand now outstrips supply, and this is likely to continue as the impact of restrictions on movement persists.

When pricing products with limited stock, the biggest risk is selling too cheaply and losing margin.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to avoid falling into this trap, and how you can increase profit today, through well-executed, and considered pricing decisions.


Key topics that will be covered:

  • Competitor Pricing Indicators: When to follow or ignore your competitors' price movement.
  • Demand Indicators: How to use your sales history to make pricing decisions.
  • Supply Indicators: How to use your stock levels to make pricing decisions.
  • Ethics: Why it's so important to ensure pricing decisions are ethical.



Dr Rob Horton - eCommerce Data Scientist at BlackCurve.

Philip Huthwaite - Founder & CEO at BlackCurve.


About BlackCurve

BlackCurve provides pricing decision and product intelligence software, that is proven to boost eCommerce customer profitability by more than 9%.