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1. Request a call from our pricing experts to get started.

2. We'll discuss your pricing strategy, and the pricing tools that will unlock the most profit.

3. Setting up a direct integration with your eCommerce store, and your dedicated BlackCurve portal.

3. Conduct a trial on a subset of your products, to measure BlackCurve's impact over the trial period.

4. Review the results, and wonder why you didn't try BlackCurve sooner.


Here's what retailers who are currently using BlackCurve achieve:

  • 12% improvement in revenue
  • Boost profitability by 9%
  • Sell 5% of previously static inventory
  • Increase their inventory size by 5%



“Pricing just isn't an issue for us anymore.”

Jourdan Baird, Craigmore Online


“Taking the guess work out of pricing.”

Seamus Óg McGilligan, Donaghy Bros


“Gives you back your precious time.”

Chris Reid, Appliance House




“The most exciting part for me was that we weren’t going to have to assign hours and hours of work to manage our pricing. It’s automatic, you set the parameters, and then you let the programme do its work.”

Aidan Joyce, Eurocycles


“Our mentality on pricing has changed. We have this new tool that can do so much, and it’s made us be more creative with our pricing strategy.”

Reid Archer, Trade Counter Direct

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