People of Pricing is dedicated to looking at the different personalities it takes to make pricing the fast-moving and stimulating industry that it is. 

The people featured strive forward with inventive and advanced technologies, take pricing to new levels, and expand and develop their industry through their expertise and dedication.

Here, we take a look at these individuals, considering what inspired them to follow a path in pricing, and what continues to inspire them to be some of the best at what they do. 


Chris Pople


Chris Pople is the Group Pricing Manager at Cromwell (Holdings) Ltd, has huge knowledge and expertise in the area of pricing, having over 12 years of experience in just pricing behind him.

Dinaz Zaq


Dinaz Zaq is a Revenue Management and Pricing Strategy Consultant within travel and hospitality. She shares with us her experiences within pricing, and also her passion for rock and country music. 

Imran Maqbool


Imran Maqbool, the current Pricing Manager at VWR. Imran speaks of a "hatred" of maths, which was overturned when he discovered his interest and enthusiasm for pricing. 

Nikos Panagiotakos


Nikos is a relative newcomer to the pricing community, having worked in pricing for the past four years. Nikos provides a fresh, yet educated and informed, outlook on the pricing industry. 

Rehan Mogul


Rehan Mogul, Pricing Manager at Wolseley, has worked in pricing for a decade. The knowledge and expertise he has gained over this period is clear to see in his insightful profile

Millie Allen


Millie Allen is the Pricing Director at NuPharm Ltd., and shares her knowledge and pricing experience with us.  Her passion and dedication to pricing and growing her company is evident, and makes for a really interesting read.



Our first featured profile is Nigel Bourke. Nigel has over two decades of experience in the pricing sector, and is currently Director of Strategic Pricing at Hogg Robinson Travel.